Our Philosophy

DSC_0931Throughout the past years, the position of goaltender has elevated into a highly skilled and specialized position.  As the position has elevated and changed, so too has the manner in which goaltenders are taught and coached.  Today’s goaltenders require a progressive goalie coach; a coach who continues to study the position and the new cutting edge techniques associated with it.  Doug Rome is that goalie coach.

For over twenty  years, Doug Rome has successfully worked with various hockey associations, analyzing and providing specialized and comprehensive training to goaltenders at all levels and all age groups.  Throughout these seventeen years, Doug has become a highly respected and much sought after goalie coach.  In 2013 he launched Goalies by Doug to best meet the demand for his progressive coaching style.

DSC_0528At Goalies by Doug our philosophy is that goaltenders improve through analysis, education, repetition and correction.  We believe that if the goalie arrives early, and gets into position before the puck arrives, he/she will stop the puck! Goalies are more flexible, have quicker hands, are better puck trackers, are better balanced and are more active and athletic than ever before.  No matter the goaltender’s style, we believe that by utilizing his/her strengths and working on his/her weaknesses, his/her personal style will be improved and be successful in the seasons to follow.